WordPress.com Invite

wp-com.jpg I’ve got a WordPress.com invite up for grabs. I’ll pass it on to the first person to email me with the phrase I LOVE WORDPRESS in the Subject Line.

Who Should Use WordPress.com? Anyone who wants to dabble in WordPress and who doesn’t have their own domain or web hosting account. WordPress.com offers WordPress-driven blogs with a limited selection of templates and minimal user customization. (There’s no sidebar or other template editing available, just WP Pages and the Links feature.) WordPress.com blogs use a modified WPMU.

4 thoughts on “WordPress.com Invite”

  1. Invites are worthless – all you need to do is download the Flock browser, click on the blog button and visit WordPress from there. They’re offering free registration for Flock users. Not a bad deal, eh?

  2. Well, not everyone is as enamored of Flock as you seem to be. It’s much ado about nothing, if you ask me. More so than a WP invite.


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