What The Hell Do You Guys Want?!

Checking my referral logs this evening. Scary that the scarce and rare GTM Libra automobile would be the number one search to land you here in this shitbox. But more disturbing than that is the misguided soul who was looking for “scrotal inflation” here. I’ve been known to castrate men. And I’ve only inflated the ego (never the scrotum) of my beloved Robert:

11.54% gtm libra
11.54% scirex salary
7.69% joni
7.69% lunchable
7.69% mouse experiments
7.69% scrotal inflation
7.69% supercalifragilistic
3.85% acidman
3.85% bloxsom screenshot
3.85% causa belli
3.85% hemmingway movable feast
3.85% houston texas women own electric company
3.85% joni electric
3.85% likes toes
3.85% link:4optuj_fae0c:www.affordablehost.com/
3.85% quizilla
3.85% topicons

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