This Is Weighing Heavy on my Mind

You know, I really get tired of people throwing extraneous issues into otherwise logical arguments.

Take for example Acidman‘s rant about Michael Moore’s open letter to Charlton Heston and the NRA. I happen to agree with Acidman’s take on Moore. What I don’t agree with is that, perhaps not feeling that those arguments would stand on their merit, he threw in this for extra measure:

Yep. That’s what the NRA does. It waits for a gun crime to occur, then quickly organizes a meeting THERE, for the purpose of rubbing faces in grief. Michael Moore, on the other hand, rubs his face in double-beef Whoppers with extra cheese, as his girth attests.

As if it were all about Michael Moore, “the fat guy,” and not Michael Moore, “the unmitigated asshole.” Did Rush Limbaugh get any smarter when he lost all that weight? Do you have to be fat to be stupid? No, and it doesn’t even help.

Okay, let’s let it ALL hang out. I am fat. I make no excuses for myself. I have never been held back in the job market because of my weight. And I’ve found through the years that thin people, and beautiful people, have just as much misery in their lives as the rest of us. So if I spout shit, please don’t think it’s because I’m fat. It’s because I’m either stupid (thinking before I speak/write) or maybe I’m just being a shit. Not a skinny shit or a fat shit. Just a shit.

If you want ME to listen to your arguments, and unless the argument is about fat/thin issues (and the NRA/Heston/Columbine letter definitely was NOT), then don’t play the fat card. Believe me, you’ll have plenty of legitimate opportunities for that.

Throwing weight into the argument when it isn’t warranted is just as bad as playing that dirty old “race” card. Anyone with any sense sees right through it and it just weakens any point you were trying to make.

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