Things You DID Say….

Acidman had quite an “acidic” post up yesterday in “protest” of my anti-war protest (blacked out entry pages to all of my websites [note the plural]). In it, he managed to ridicule my obesity, accuse me of being a cheese eater (what THIS has to do with anything mystifies the “bejus” out of me — whatever the hell THAT is too!). A few fuck-you’s (I do so love a Southern gentleman) and some other epithets. Weeee!

But, interestingly enough, it’s disappeared. Vanished about as fast as Joanie‘s and Becky‘s internet service last week.

But, never fear, my lovelies. I did a screen capture early yesterday morning while it was still up, in all its shining glory. You can take your pick (we aim to please) of a 109kb JPEG file, a 67kb PNG file, or an 81kb PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file.

You see, unlike SOME PEOPLE, I stand behind what I say. Despite the fair amount of pretty vicious ridicule I was faced with as a result, I did not take any of my pages down until well after midnight. They stayed up as long as originally intended. Why? Because I meant what I said.

Do you think Acidman meant what he said? I sure as hell hope so. After all, he posted it, didn’t he?

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