The Naked Truth

Just a warning to anyone wanting to use The Naked Truth skin: It’s not work safe!! The guys will like it; but the boss may not! So don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

I’ve finally gotten some skins converted from MovableType. But I’m by no means finished. I find the List structure of the sidebar links to be restricting with all the nested LIs and ULs. I’m sorely tempted to just declare my own SIDETITLE and SIDE, as I had been in MT, but WP has some Lists embedded in the code and I don’t feel like hunting them down and killing them right now.

Also on the drawing board is a Skins Gallery — a separate page for the skins where you can read a bit about them before employing them. Like I had at my MT blog. That will be a little while down the road, though.

Enjoy what I’ve done so far.

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