The More Things Change…

the more they remain the same. Here’s (yet another) article on computer viruses and how rampant they’ve become. From the article:

There is clearly a battle being waged between computer companies and users and a small coterie of very clever vandals. It is not clear who will be the winner.

Here’s the kicker: The article was written in July 1986. There are more fascinating science articles at that same web site: The Science Corner, a collection of newspaper columns covering assorted scientific topics, authored by two scientists at the University of Guelph in the 80s. Via Me-Fi.

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  1. [Forgive me Matt, for I have sinned…] David, it’s HIDEOUS. I HATE IT! It has a WYSIWYG editor that I cannot disable easily. (It can be done, just not all that easily.) Most of the plugins I like don’t work with it (yet). What’s worse, the file uploader has been moved to the writing/editing area, and it doesn’t work in all browsers and is very cumbersome. I’m sticking to 1.5.2 until it becomes impractical (unpatched security issues) to do so. I was thinking about making an announcement about it here, like I did with 1.5, but I just don’t want to encourage anyone to upgrade to it!

    I had set up a testbed (of course!), here:

    As you can see, there is a woeful lack of support for quite a number of plugins due to the wholesale ripping apart and restructuring the user levels and the entire back end for that matter. I have one word for it: Ugh!

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