Target Missed the Mark

Check out this article about the “recall” from Target’s shelves of some offensive baseball caps and other gear. Some eagle eyed Target shopper (don’t make me go there) figured out (clever soul that he is) that the 88 depicted on the merchandise was actually a veiled reference to Hitler (88 equalling “Heil Hitler,” for those of you reading this who are not White Supremacists).

Good grief. My car is a 1988. Does this mean something? Well, besides the fact that I drive a 14-year old car. Does this mean we should now skip the 88th floor in office highrises like we do the 13th floor? Is this going to be added to the list of unlucky numbers? There are 88 keys on a piano too. Is it the ultimate instrument of evil?

And even though I’m no sports fan, I can bet that Marcus Robinson of the Chicago Bears ain’t too happy with this unfortunate set of circumstances either. Why, if I were him, I’d be wasting no time getting my jersey retired — better yet, burned. Burned at the stake. Burned on a cross. On Paul Tagliabue’s front lawn.

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