Who Does She Think She Is?

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Monsters of the Gnjilani Group WARNING: The following text contains graphic descriptions. Reader discretion is strongly advised. Albanians in the Serbian southern town of Presevo, close to Kosovo, have again protested over the so-called Gnjilane group arrest. Serbian police, accompanied with TV cameras, have recently arrested 10 out of 17 terrorists from the UCK or Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), […]

America Wants Peace?

America wants piece alright. It wants a piece of Kosovo, it wants a piece of Iraq and all the oil thereunder, it wanted a piece of just about every nation it conquered in its imperialist quest for world domination. And this juggernaut ain’t stopping, baby. Don’t believe me. Watch the documentary, War Made Easy.

Yankee Go Home!

I am going to figure out a way to keep this post at the top until the Kosovo issue is resolved. And it won’t get resolved any time soon as long as America has its nose over there. Lest anyone forget, here’s what happened the last time we showed up: And we need to stay […]


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