Who Does She Think She Is?

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Since I’ve been recuperating from my foot infection, there isn’t a lot I can do around the house right now besides hobble back and forth from the kitchen to the bedroom or living room. I was able to sit down and sift through some of Roberto’s things. It’s something every widow must do eventually, and […]

A Man’s Dictionary

Phrase: “I’m going fishing.” Definition: “I’m going to drink myself dangerously stupid, and stand by a lake with a stick in my hand, while the fish swim by in complete safety.” Phrase: “It’s a guy thing.” Definition: “There is no rational thought pattern connected with it, and you have no chance at all of making […]

Chick Drinks .. a Men’s Guide

I’ve been spending this quiet, cold, rainy Saturday afternoon cleaning out my email inbox and doing some major house work. Found this, kinda cute. Seven New York City bartenders were asked if they could nail a woman’s personality based on what she drinks. though interviewed separately, they concurred on almost all counts. The results: Beer […]


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