A Date With A Russian Mobster

Well, not really. I was looking on one of my storage drives for something and stumbled onto this old video snippet from when my bestie, Ivan, was visiting me from Belgrade, Serbia. We were in my car, his friend was driving, he was riding shotgun and no one was paying attention to the GPS on the dashboard (least of all me, since it was set to converse in their native language, Serbian!). I was explaining the vicissitudes of valet parking. MP4 video/audio

One In A Million

Yesterday, something amazing and wonderful happened to my best friend. His internet forum got its millionth registered user. Considering that this forum is in a small country (Serbia) and that it started with a free domain and web hosting back in April 2002 in his bedroom, it’s come a long way, baby. I am so proud of my friend and his accomplishment with this forum. Through the years, eight and a half long, grueling years, maintaining this forum as it grew to monster proportions has taken its toll physically, mentally and emotionally. But he’ll admit, maybe, that it’s all been worth the ride. 🙂 In fact, it was his essay in an online community that first caught my eye, that first exposed me to this amazing man. From that fateful post: You get a chance to start, with your basic web skills, some website. Someone decided to award you with domain and hosting, [so] you give it a try. You create an internet forum so all your friends from all over the world can meet and talk to each other…. Your community grows[;] you build some reputation among IT people…. [Y]ou start spending enormous amounts of time working around your …

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