The Skinny on Self-Image

Everyone who knows me knows I’m no Audrey Hepburn, not by a long stretch. But I think I’m cute enough. Okay, so I’m fat. But I am not so fat that I get winded climbing the stairs to my office. I still have girly curves. And I haven’t had to be cut out of my house and taken to the hospital on a flatbed.

The other alternative? A human clothes hanger. And somehow, that’s OKAY with the media. It’s okay to fill the heads of impressionable and sensitive young girls with the notion that fat is bad and thin is good; the thinner, the better. The fact of the matter is that sex and sexy sells. It sells car, beer, bras, panties, pretzels, just about anything you can put a price on can be sold to someone just by parading a scantily clad model in front of it or draping her over it.

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The Fat Lady Sang

I started to post a comment over at Houston Clear Thinkers, and it was so darn long-winded, I thought I better go back to my own web site and post it there! So here’s my reply to Tom’s musings about the increase in obesity in our society. The refusal (or to be less harsh) the unwillingness to take responsibility for one’s one decisions and circumstances is pervasive in our society. I am fat. I admit it. And it isn’t anyone else’s fault but mine. And although doctors may beg to differ (as unattractive as begging is), I feel healthy, get around just fine, am cute as a button, and don’t otherwise have any health problems. So until and unless the fat itself becomes a problem, I’m not worrying about it. On the other hand, I’m not sitting around chug-a-lugging milkshakes and eating hamburgers by the dozens. [But don’t scroll down too far on my blog or you’ll find the photos I took of the batch of artery-hardening chicken I fried just this time last week!] One thing that has always bothered me about the various 12-step programs is that right off the bat, they start out by making you say …

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Sugarmama posted about a new law attempting to regulate obesity in this post. I started to answer with a comment, but then it started getting really long-winded (you know how I can get!). So I’ll just respond below. What Sugarmama did was offer her version of the solution to the problem. Some of her ideas are actually good ones (now if she could just get the Gov-mint to listen to her!). But, since I’ve now been trained at fisking by the master himself, I’ll attempt once more to do so now with her suggestions. require all fast food restaurants to eliminate super size portions from their menus [This won’t work; the fat person will just get two (or three, or ten) regular-size portions; where there’s a will, there’s a way.] require fast food restaurants to reduce the amount of fat in ALL of their menu items by 40-50% [I think that was tried with Olean once, but consumers rejected it, and they’ll probably do so again.] require fast food restaurants to have 33% of their menu items as low fat choices (i.e. under 6 grams of fat) [This assumes a fat person WANTS to diet. A lot of the time, …

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Some Scary Shit

Okay, after having found the link to Dimensions Magazine, and having grown tired of watching Face the Nation, I surfed on in and noticed some chat. There were several chat rooms, but they all were empty except one, called “Feeder Chat.” Now I thought this was something like server feed or news feed, or streaming video. Yeesh. It was NOT. It was something similar to what I’ve been reading about in Camryn Manheim’s book, Wake Up, I’m Fat. To any of you who do not know what I’m talking about, this is one of the darker sides of human nature. And apparently this is a growing (no pun intended) subculture among the fat and their worshippers. In Camryn’s book, she tells about how she accidentally stumbled onto this subculture. Apparently, there are some people out there (men, mostly) who “get off” on a really enormous woman. I’m not sure how “sexual” this thrill is. Camryn seemed to feel it was more a “domination” or “power trip” thrill, not eroticism. So the way that rape is less an erotic act, more a violent or hateful act, so too I think is this weirdness. The woman’s goal is to become bigger. When …

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