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THIS Is War…

And while I won’t diminish the horror of September 11, it pales in comparison to this — and other violence that the U.S. visits upon other nations. WARNING: Graphic imagery. Parental discretion is advised. (But really, you should be showing your children what can happen when power is abused. They need that life lesson.)

11th Anniversary of NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia

Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about that and about America’s hand in this travesty. I mentioned the reason that I changed the format of this web site was so that I would be less likely to dwell on unpleasantness and instead keep things upbeat. But this is too significant a date in […]

Tit for Tadic

My friend, Alex updates me on the situation there in Serbia with regard to the newly-declared independence (cough) of Kosovo. Tonight there is violence in the capitol city of Belgrade as angry Serbs, mostly young soccer fans, stormed several embassies (including the U.S. Embassy) and set them ablaze. At least one person is dead as […]


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