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A Shining Egg-xample

Some of my fondest childhood memories involved my favorite Uncle Herbert. He was responsible for teaching me to read even before I was in kindergarten, teaching me to draw, and making me want to do my best.

Eggs, Beautiful Eggs!

Serbian Easter eggs are a rich tradition; these eggs (ya yas) are truly works of art. Exquisite! Photo credit: Svetslike on Flickr.

Easter, Serbian Style

Orthodox Easter is celebrated by most Serbs with a roasted lamb. I could get used to that. 🙂 (Photo credit:, Tatyana Nyshko.)

Exquisite Egg Art From Serbia

When I first discovered this web site, I couldn’t believe my eyes. is the web site of Stipan Raletic (who carves delicate filigree eggshells) and Kaca Sekulic (who handpaints eggs to look like works of art). Amazing web site and amazing talent! Source:


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