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Avala Tower Opening Ceremony

The Avala TV Tower, which was destroyed in 1999 during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (now Serbia), was reopened in a moving national ceremony today. Below is video of fireworks celebrating the reopening of the Avala TV Tower. Awesome!

We Have It; Let’s Preserve It

I am not going to say: The Avala Tower is now officially opened. That’s because, for us, it was never officially closed. We just didn’t see it for a while, but it was always there with us. Of course, I am delighted to be opening this tower, but I wish that no other Mayor ever […]

Avala Tower Reborn

The Avala TV Tower, which was destroyed on April 29, 1999, during the 78-day NATO seige on Yugoslavia, was reopened today in a moving national ceremony. Nearly 11 years to the day, it’s been rebuilt and is again the tallest structure in Serbia, a testament to the fortitude and determination of the Serbian people.


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