Sunday Stumpers (Meme)

1) Many people make resolutions to change certain aspects of their lives or personalities, but few resolutions are kept. Why do you believe it is difficult to make changes? Because humans, as a lot, are lazy. They tend to take the path of least resistance. The reason that their habits are hard to change is because they are, well, HABITS. New ones have to be learned, old (bad) ones discarded. The older you get, the harder this seems to be do to.

2) What are the most difficult changes you yourself have tried to make? I am fortunate in that I haven’t been asked or required to make too many earth-shattering changes in my life … yet. My brush with cancer in 1990 left me none the worse for wear (no limbs were lost, I’m not wheelchair-bound). The biggest change in my life right now is the overwhelming work load at the office brought on by being saddled with not one, but two, demanding, high-strung, very busy, female partners. But I guess in the scheme of things, if THAT is my biggest worry, I’m sitting pretty right now. (That all depends on when you ask me that, though!)

3) Are you seeking truth and wisdom? How do you go about it? By trying to keep my mind open and my mouth shut, admittedly two tasks hard to do AT THE SAME TIME!

4) If someone has hurt you terribly, do you tell them? What’s the best way to do that? Good question. You know, I **used to** keep it inside and just silently seeth. Then I figured out that people for the most part, walk around in blissful ignorance that they are hurting you or pissing you off. It’s up to **you** to bring that fact to their attention so they can mend their ways! I had a person I thought was a very good friend turn on me and mistreat me. I told her so, but of course she thought she was right to act the way she did. It was Robert who told me that if I really valued her friendship, I needed to show her that I was the better person, that I was capable of saying “I’m sorry,” and breaking the ice. I didn’t much care for letting go of my control (and my pride, which was attached to it), but my friend was relieved. Later on, she admitted to me that she also wanted to work on her stubborn streak. We’ve been friends since 1988 so hopefully we’ve both learned our lessons. Of course, she is back in my hometown of San Antonio and I don’t see her nearly as much anymore. So we really don’t have a chance to get on each other’s nerves like we did when we were working at the same office (in the SAME CUBICLE) back in 1988!

5) Are you allergic to anything? What? Is it a new allergy or one you’ve had since childhood? Codeine (it makes me very sick). And since moving to Houston, I have allergies to dust. (Not cat dander, thankfully, though!)

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