Sunday Stumpers

1) Do you find yourself at a crossroads at this point in time?
Kind of. I’ve been having ongoing problems handling my two assignments at work. Putting in a LOT of overtime, being stressed out with all the work, work piling up. I’ve spoken repeatedly to my “secretarial supervisor,” who promised me — even before I went on vacation at the end of August — that I would be allowed to leave the desk and return to the floater pool. She came to my desk this past Friday and told me that she had spoken to both of my bosses while I was on vacation and expressed my concerns about the desk. She told me that both of them said, “Oh, no, she can handle the desk. We know she can.” Sheesh. It’s nice to have your life decided for you, laid out in black and white. I’m two heartbeats away from a total meltdown and these two women presume not only to know me but to know what is best for me?

There’s not another single person at that law firm who could sit at that desk and churn out the amount (or quality) of work that I do on a daily basis and they know it. So do I. So I guess I’ll ride it out until after Christmas and I receive my year-end bonus. Then, in January, if things haven’t improved, it’s buh-bye! It’s only a problem when there is no solution on the horizon….

2) When making a decision, how much thought do you put into it? Quite a bit, actually. I find the older I get, the less I enjoy change, just for change’s sake (uh, except when it comes to my web site design, ha ha!). There’s too much at stake in the real world. Financially, at least.

3) Was there a single moment in time that brought everything into focus for you? What was it? Being told I had cancer (right) and that I’d need to be on hormones the rest of my life (wrong) was a big wake up call for me. At the time, I was in another miserable, work-my-fingers-to-the-bone, thankless job that I came to despise. I lacked energy to do much else but bitch about it. That news was the wake up call I needed to realize that, as shitty as I perceived my life to be, I still wanted to live it! And there were bigger problems than the ones I THOUGHT I had….

4) Do the people who mean the most to you know how you feel? Pretty much; I see to that!

5) Have I told you lately that I love you? No, but that’s because you don’t! ;-P

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