Roll With the Changes…

Acidman summarily dismissed one of his blog-loves from his blog roll. I’m jealous. At least she got the honor of an entry about it. I was just zapped. That’s fine. So my readership is down to three now (including me!). No big whoop. UPDATE: Acidman in a fit of what can only be described as pure Southern manners, has seen fit (due in no small part to my bitching, I’m sure!) to restore me to his blog roll.

If you stop to consider my blogrolls, you’d think they were owned by Sybil herself. There’s just about every political and social stripe represented there. Why? Because I like their writing; they entertain me (for whatever reason). Acidman: You irritate the holy effing shit out of me most of the time sometimes, and I seldom agree with anything you write, but I still enjoy reading your site, so for now, unless you commit some really horrifying transgression (in my eyes, anyway), you stay.

What gets a person kicked off my blogroll is simple: Go stale. That’s easy for ME to say, I who offer you fresh new posts only several times a week! But hey, you can come here every day for a month and choose a different design. What I lack in content I try to make up for in style!

But when I think back over the blogs that have been on my blogroll, then been dumped, just like an old worn-out mattress (or is it mistress?), it’s because most of them just don’t update that often. The majority of writers on my blogrolls now, as you can see, basically write at least once a day.

I wish I could. Sometimes, I just don’t have anything to say. Sometimes, I’ve got plenty to say, plenty on my mind, but I’m just too tired to write about it.

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