Okay, people, especially you Houstonians, there’s still plenty of time to sponsor me in the 2003 Blogathon!! So far, I’ve only got two donations, and that doesn’t include the money I plan to kick in.

(And sponsoring someone’s favorite charity would MAKE AN EXCELLENT BIRTHDAY GIFT for a Blogathon participant, ahem, yes it really would. Wink. Tomorrow is that day. Nudge. G’wan. You know you WANT TO!)

Anyone who’s been pestering me for a design ought to just click on the link above and pledge $40 or $50 and be done with it. Design worries handled. At less than half the usual cost.

Plus, if you are a cat lover, you may want to know that my charity of choice (now and always) is Adopt-A-Cat of Houston.

And if you are yourself participating in the Blogathon this year, click on the “Buttons” link on the left and help yourself to one of my buttons. I put some new ones up that aren’t showing up on the Blogathon site, so be the first one on your block to sport one of the new ones….

Update: I just went over and pledged $30 on my own behalf. Something’s wrong with the pledge totals. They show DOUBLE what they should be. In other words, only $60 total has been pledged, not $120 as is shown. And that does include the $30 I kicked in. I know some other participants are affect, but not everyone is. I also notice that there are still quite a few bloggers who have no sponsors so you may want to think about including them in your generous donation plans. Okay, I’m done now!

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