One Mystery Solved

Well, now I know the reason for the almost year-long snub. Sheesh.

The gripe (today anyway)? I didn’t listen. The reality? She corrected herself, realized we had not been working on the case she was talking about and before I could get a word in edgewise, said “Nevermind” and hung up.

Now, my concept of a friend must be quite different. Friends don’t have to talk to each other every day, or even every week, to be friends. A friend is someone you care about, someone you accept, foibles and all (for who among any of us is perfect?).

A friend doesn’t gripe about listening to you prattle on about your cat, your paraplegic mate, your job, your league tourmanents, your design ideas, your shopping sprees or your latest technology must-haves. Why? Because that’s what friends do. Or so I thought.

To me, a friend understands if I’m busy because it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if my friend is short with me because her boss is hanging over her.

I accept other people as they are, sit idly by while they snub me for reasons known only to them and yet, when the erstwhile friend decides to pick up right where she left off with no explanation, FRIEND THAT I AM, I’m just delighted that she’s talking to me again.

What a sap I must be. My bad.

Update: Since my erstwhile friend has decided to remove the comment I dropped last night upon discovering this blog entry, I’ll just mention my points here. The most glaring of which was that when she decided to quit talking to me out of the blue last February, I was hurt of course as there was no explanation. (At least this time, there is a reason, as silly as it may seem to me.) But to complain because she had have to “suffer” listening to me go on and on and on? When she hasn’t talked to me in over six months? Exactly how much suffering did she do? And never once during that period of silence did she ask about me or Robert. A friend would have. I would have. Again, that is just me being a sap, I guess. I’ve got the screenshot of my comment which I made at her site at around 11:30 p.m. last night. I had the sense to capture it as I pretty much could have predicted that she’d delete it. How much of it she read and comprehended remains to be seen. I’ll post that screenshot when I get home tonight (let’s get both sides of this, to be fair). And other than this next sentence, the posting of the screenshot of the entire debacle will be my final words/thoughts/pictures on this matter.

Final Thought: If that telephone exchange was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” for her, then we never had a friendship. Nuff said.

Final Update: The Screenshot As promised, here it is. Clicky to enlarge.

My Deleted Comment

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