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To my three two readers: You may have noticed by now that I have removed both the comment and trackback features from my blog. Lest a certain Cracker start beating his chest in glee, let me point out that I decided to remove them early yesterday morning, right before I vented my spleen.

It felt so good not to even worry about what anyone thought about what I wrote. In fact, it felt so damned good that I wasn’t going to put them back. Truth be told, I had been considering this for quite some time. Jodi removed her comment feature months ago. And when I’ve wanted to contact her, I’ve just sent her an e-mail. Works for me.

Besides, you could count on the fingers of one hand, sometimes with digits left over, the number of comments I receive in any given month. As opposed to The Misfit, who gets more comments in a single post than I have in 10 months of blogging existence!!

This may or may not be permanent. If I require your feedback, I will either enable the comments as needed or just post a poll. (Those are more fun anyway, I think!) And of course, one CAN enable comments on a post-by-post basis. (The wonders of Movable Type!)

Meanwhile, anyone wishing to contact me can simply hit the “Contact Me” link at the top. (And a few of you super clever cleavers have already figured this out!)

Carry on.

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