Next Window Please

You’ve seen those signs everywhere you go in public: “Next Window Please.” At the bank, at the grocery store, at the post office….

I wish I had one for my desk. So I wouldn’t have to directly tell my bosses “Get the Hell Away From Me!” There’s still too much to do, and not enough people (or hands or heads or hours in the day!) to do it. Face it: They’re shoveling it out here faster than I can hide it or throw it away! (Please don’t believe I’m serious about that!)

I went to work with an especially bad attitude today. And it hasn’t diminished, not even with my second cup of coffee. Not even after I’ve had my lunch (leftover chicken, a scrumptious ripe pear, and a “Topo Chico Twist of Lime” sparkling mineral water from the Mexican market near our house).

When I got in this morning there were at least six or seven e-mails from Bossette Number 1. Then Bossette Number 2 came out and needed some work done right away. Fortunately, I got another e-mail from #1 that said “Do [#2’s] work first, mine can wait.” With my good sense of humor still intact, I replied, “Great, thanks. This will save me a trip out the window.”

Good news: My vacation is exactly three weeks and 6 days away. And YES, I’m counting.

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