My Favorite Buffet Is Ruined!

I have a couple of antique pieces in my house that I’m quite fond of. Two such pieces are buffets that I picked up at a local auction for less than $100 each. The larger one is in the living room and stores video tapes and some spare computer items and other what-nots, and a second, smaller, buffet is in our kitchen and is being used as the “coffee bar.” We have our coffee pot and espresso maker on it. The top was in fair condition when I bought it. I decided to mask the imperfect top by using a table runner under a piece of glass. That way, the top would sustain no more damage from water, coffee or heat. So I immediately scrounged around on e-Bay to find some nice antique linen table runners; that was no problem. I never got around to getting any glass to put over it, though, despite the fact that I carry around the measurements for BOTH buffets in my wallet.

I just now noticed that the top of the buffet, which I believe was veneer anyway, has just started to peel up. I think this is because about six months ago, to surprise me, Robert turned the buffet around to the other wall and now it’s right next to the sink. Because of its closer proximity to the sink and wet dishes, I think this has caused the damage I found this morning. I was able to literally peel the entire top layer of veneer off and now the thing looks nasty. I’m staring at pasty, unfinished wood! Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway) I am just sick about it and I partly blame Robert because before that, the thing had been up against the other wall for a year, with the coffee pots on it, and nothing bad had ever happened to it. I just hadn’t paid any attention because he’s usually the one that makes coffee in the morning.

Fortunately, I THINK my table runner will cover this huge boo-boo. I just need to go out and get some glass. But every time I walk past it, I just want to puke. I am so upset. It really was one of my favorite pieces and I wish I’d paid a bit more attention. Before, there wasn’t that much to “hide,” now the whole damn top needs to be covered. As Lucy Van Pelt would say,


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