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I’m sitting here reviewing my MP3 collection, sorting out the ones that can be archived to tape and the ones I want to keep on my hard drive for frequent listening. As I do so, I notice that different songs call to mind different bloggers. It’s what my mind’s eye conjures up when I hear each song. You may disagree. In any event, MP3s for the taking. Enjoy!

Oh, and one more thing: Don’t be upset or disappointed if your blog is not on this list. I have a finite amount of server space; I may post more at another time! Right now, these are just the first few that I thought of! (And I’m keeping these files on my server only until next Sunday, so grab them while you can!)

And now, on with the show….

Da Goddess:
Green Eyed Lady … Sugarloaf (4.21 MB)

Gut Rumbles:
Rainy Night in Georgia … Brook Benton (4.41 MB)

The Joker … Steve Miller Band (4.90 MB)

Because I Say So:
Groove Is in the Heart … Deelite (3.53 MB)

Soak up the Sun … Sheryl Crow (3.08 MB)

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