Moving and Shaking

I’m finally moved into a downstairs apartment as required by the rehab facility before Robert can come home.

Fortunately for me, the block of fourplexes where I live (they were all built around 1939) were split so that one persons owns the first two, another person owns the third and still another (my new landlady) owns the fourth. She did a great job renovating these units. She demolished all the interior walls and put in new sheetrock and insulation, painted the walls a nice shade of dove gray with white trim, kept all the original tile (including the Pepto-Bismol pink bathroom tiles that Robert doesn’t like but that I adore!), and put in new appliances and heat/AC units.

I’ve still got a bit of cleaning up to do at the old digs (about 500 yards away), and a ton of unpacking to do here. I figure I’ve pretty much got the rest of my life to do THAT. Meanwhile, I’ve unpacked the coffee pot, the cats have settled in (finally), and I’m going back over to the old place this afternoon to do a final sweep (no pun intended) of the place before dropping off the keys. I love the old place. I love the hardwood floors, I love the treetop view and the general location. This place doesn’t have quite the view, being on the ground floor, but I get to park right outside my door, which is nice. I’ll post picks as soon as I find my Mavica.

As you can see from this post, I’m back online. That was an ordeal, since my landlady somehow forgot (?) to rewire the coax connections for cable/broadband AND forgot to put in phone jacks. MCI wanted $240 to come out and put in four jacks. Neither she nor I were willing to pay that ransome so I’m waiting for her electrician to come out and install them. Ironically, the phone number has been active over here since the first of November, when I originally thought I was moving in. I was able to call back every utility (gas, lights, cable) EXCEPT MCI. They charged me $53 to “transfer” the line and wanted another $53 to stop the transfer and restart it December 1. I decided to leave well enough alone and have been existing on my cell phone for the past month. I don’t think I’ve exceeded my alloted minutes. I guess I COULD give up the land line, but what if RoadRunner is down? (But I’m not addicted to the Internet!)

Robert is still at the skilled nursing facility I was able to get him into after the insurance company put him in this absolute PIT of a nursing home (yep, that’s what it is, even though they may call it a SNF or something else). It was dreadful. But that’s a post for another day.

Suffice to say, he’s happy I finally got moved. A friend of Robert’s helped me with the move (and especially translation services regarding the three Hispanic movers who showed up) and I don’t think I could have done it without him. The movers came Friday pretty much on schedule. Too bad I was still lagging a bit behind. They had gotten the van pretty much loaded up and were ready to make the first run (about four tire revolutions!) to the new place when one of the guys started having chest pains. So we had to call 911 and the ambulance came and took him to the hospital. I felt really bad since I’d been cautioning them all afternoon about being careful on the stairs (especially when carrying some of my prized items (TV, computer, etc.).

So we decided that the two guys should just unload what they had and come back the next day (Saturday). That would give us time to finish packing up. Worked out perfectly, actually, and it turns out the worker is okay.

Can’t just have a normal move, now can I?

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