More Asshattery

The ambassadors to Denmark of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Libya, Morocco, and the Palestinian Authority on Oct. 12 wrote to Rasmussen saying the cartoons were part of a smearing campaign against Muslims.

(emphasis in original). No, hon, YOU GUYS do a bang up job dragging your own Muslim names through the mud. All anyone else has to do is just stand back and point out your asshattery when they see it. Right now, that’s a full time job.

Now bear in mind, it’s probably the hardcore Muslims (and zealots of any stripe are dangerous and to be treated like a live round of ammo) doing the burning and looting. But they presume to speak for ALL Muslims and that does more damage to people’s concept of what a Muslim is about than all the cartoons in all the newspapers in the entire world.

Aretha had it right. You better think. Think about what you’re trying to do. . . .

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