Link Stink

My friend, Rori points out the sheer number of MSN Spaces blogs that appear in this New York magazine article on Linkology. Just for the record, only six[1] of these top 50 appear on my blogroll (and that includes all the other blogs I have). Further, I don’t consider A List Apart to be a blog, but just a CSS resources web site. Thirdly, I am dismayed that Howard Bashman’s How Appealing is less popular than the cited Power Line, a blawg I’ve never heard of. Finally, I’m also surprised that Chris Pirillo’s blog didn’t make the top 50.

[1] Okay, they are: MIchelle Malkin, Dooce, Gizmodo, Engadget, ThoughtMechanics, and A List Apart, and those last two only on my web design site.

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