It’s Coffee Time!

I’m ready to head into the kitchen for another cup of coffee. Some of you brave souls out there might want to lace yours with something less benign than my customary Hazelnut coffee creamer. If so, check this:

Irish Coffee

Fresh Hot Coffee
Single or Double Cream
Brown Sugar
Irish Whiskey

Make the fresh hot coffee, pour into a glass leaving about 1 inch free at the top, stir in 2 teaspoons sugar, add 1 or 2 measures of Irish Whiskey and stir with a teaspoon. Allow the coffee to settle while lightly whipping the cream so that it is aerated but not thickly whipped, pour over the back of the spoon, held just above the coffee onto the coffee. If the cream is not aerated it will not float. Simple and effective way to end a meal! Substitute other types of alcohol for the coffee liquer of your choice!

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