I Guess I’ll Keep Him

I had the most wonderful surprise today when I got home from work. I’d kinda let the “computer room” (a/k/a the “cats’ bedroom”) get pretty dissheveled. I’d been grousing about having to clean it up this weekend. To my surprise, Robert decided to come home early today and attacked it, all of it. The hardwood floors are gleaming. There were some items he didn’t know what to do with, some of my geek-toys. So they are piled up in the chair. I can easily deal with that tomorrow.

After this evening, no blogging until very late Sunday night. I’ve got a lot to do around the house this weekend, including washing and waxing the Street Angel, weather permitting (I think it will!).

I sure hope I never take Robert for granted. I’m pretty sure I don’t. Okay, so now get up from your chair and go hug your sig-other! Let them know you care! Sometimes it’s not how much money you spent, or where the gift came from. Sometimes the greatest gifts come from within, from the heart. Those are the best ones of all. Why would I want flowers when I can have this?! Well, flowers, too, would be the icing on the cake. Ha ha ha! I actually do have some fresh flowers in the room. But that will be another blog.

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