Horoscope for Today

Fortune Cookie
Partnership is heightened.

Current Influence of the Inner Planets
Each influence lasts from a day to several weeks.

You may long for the comforts of home.
I’d say this is somewhat accurate.

Compose yourself with private, quiet moments….
Unwanted quiet moments…. I mean, spent alone. Gimme a friend and I’ll be plenty happy to have private, quiet moments. Wait. Let’s just go for private moments there. Screw quiet.

You are challenged to act in your own best interests….
Acting in my own best interest…. I have been. See the next couple of categories down.

Communication flows well.
Communication has been great!

Organization and negotiation bring favorable agreements….
Organization and negotiation…. Well, I AM working on trying to get a set schedule at work!

You can reach exclusive agreements.
Exclusive agreements? Hmmm…..

Current Influence of the Outer Planets
Each influence lasts from several weeks to a month or more.

Possibly, you will learn how much is too much by taking on more than you can handle….
That’s my nature. Hence, changing timelines for writing and for accomplishing certain tasks.

Develop your ability to process technical data.
Uh….develop my ability to process technical data. Could this be some sort of signal that I need to take control of my site? Wrest it away from Gloint?

Make an effort to think.
Make an effort to think? I’m thinking! I’m thinking!

Dare to become more intense, novel, complex, original and brilliant….
Dare to….. What?! You want me MORE intense than I already am? You want me to be MORE brilliant and original? And, complex? Sheesh.

You are challenged to be charismatic.
Uh…. Is this possible? I mean, is it possible to be more of something and still be genuine?

Express your fantasies.
I think my fantasies are well-expressed. WELL expressed.

Steer clear of hypersensitive folks.
For all you hypersensitive people, you don’t like it? BITE ME!

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