Handing Out Pink Slips

Today, I handed out a few pink slips on my blogroll. So without any further fanfare, will the following bloggers please report to the Human Resources Department to pick up their….

Big Fat Pink Slip

Beach Techie
Green-Eyed Monster
Jazz Life
Le Monde Alien
Mighty Girl
Mommie Joie
Sarah Hepola

My reasoning is this: Some blogs weren’t being updated that often; some were only on my blogroll as reciprocal links; other blogs weren’t holding my interest (people change; what can I say?). And I’ve discovered that I’m mainly a reader, not a writer. So good writing will ALWAYS hold my interest, even if sometimes I don’t like the content. I’ve always been fascinated by words, especially when they’re strung together very cleverly. (You know who you are, you clever cleavers!)

Another reason, and this is probably a big reason too, is that I’m constantly striving to keep my combined total blogroll count down to no more than 30 blogs, with 10-15 in the main roll and the other 15 scattered between the secondary roll and the newly found blogs warming up in the “on deck circle.” So when new ones are found, this means sudden death for some of the barely hanging on blogs.

Hey, I never said it would be pretty. It’s basically a BLOG EAT BLOG world out there!