Great. Just What I Wanted. (NOT)

Got this in my Outlook inbox today. Seems like the same folks who sponsor the Blog “Meetups” are going to do the same thing with webring masters and members. According to the e-mail,

Meetup is a community oriented Internet service that facilitates local meetings between people with common interests. At coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, pet stores, and other public places are venues for meetups. Meetup will promote WebRing on their site, and WebRing will promote Meetup within our directory and Ring hub pages that have opted to join Meetup. We believe face-to-face meetings are a natural extension of the micro-community experience that WebRing facilitates in the online world, and both will be stronger through joint cooperation. In the coming months we plan to continue to bring new and innovative community tools to the WebRing community.

I’m on the computer because I wish to avoid human interaction. So I’m supposed to rush out to another meet and greet, eh?

Actually, there are a couple of bloggers I wouldn’t mind meeting face to face. I think they already know who they are. Y’all just better pray that my beloved Princess Hoopty a/k/a The Street Angel perishes in another rare Houston flood and I’m forced once again to look toward the West for another fine specimen thereof.

Or something.

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