Who Does She Think She Is?

Fat Man Dancing

Okay, there are fat men dancing, all sexsay-like… (You go, boy!)

And then there are fat men dancing who don’t have a YouTube following like Jack E. Brown. But you gotta hand it to them, they’re having fun with it.

And then there’s this. {{Runs from the room to go throw up.}}


T.M.I. (Too Much Information)


Moribund Poetry


  1. James H.

    I shouldn’t have watched this….

  2. Yea, what James said. The last one is just well… I’m left speechless.

  3. Joni

    Jack E. Brown (real name Jeff) is actually on a campaign to lose weight, but he actually dances really well. That … I don’t mind. The others, feh kaka. 🙂

  4. It’s one thing to dance around your room or house in your underwear. It’s quite another thing to put it online.

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