If you’ve been online as long as I have, then you’ve carved out a few places for yourself there. Here are some more places I call home.

This is my web design business that I run together with my partner in crime, Ivan Minic, Belgrade’s most eligible bachelor and geek!
This is where all the blog content you sees here used to live. I decided to quit maintaining two separate domains and two separate web sites, combined them, and am now redirecting joniverse.com to jonimueller.com. After a year or so. I’ll probably ditch the domain.
I grabbed this domain for my husband years ago in the hopes he would start writing. When he became paralyzed in September 2003, it became a vehicle for keeping his family and friends updated. When he passed away in December 2011, I turned it into a permanent memorial site.
This is my cats’ web site. It started out with Simon and Sunny, and progressed to Duncan and Phoebe.