4 thoughts on “Dumbest Spammer in the History of the World?”

  1. I never get any spam. But then I have an email address, I can rename, just for putting on the net, in case I have to, and a personal one, I never reveal to anyone else but my closest relatives and friends. And it’s only because I trust your skills and you that I put my third address here! đŸ˜‰

    I never get any spam.

  2. Oh great! Setting me up, eh? Next piece of spam you get will be my fault! That was kind of a pantoume rhyme, there, with the opening and closing lines “I never get any spam”!

  3. I deleted some interesting spam out of my comments section. Needless to say it was unimaginative and involved meeting unusual women. While I could really do without the spam some of it is pretty darn funny. It does not take a genius to tell these people are non-english speakers and/or very stupid.


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