Since I moved my sites away from AffordableHOST after the decline in their service since their takeover by dotCanada, I decided it was high time I wrested my domains from their sister site, AffordableDOTS. The interface there was cumbersome anyway. And I started registering my domains with awhile back, but there were several domains still languishing at AffordableDOTS:

All the domains are now safely over at is being transferred to Trisha, as she had mentioned wanting it if I ever decided to give it up. Since I’ve gone to, and all three of this blog’s visitors have already changed their links, we’ll soon be redirecting to and that will be that!

But I’m also thinking about getting rid of some of my unused domains. Anyone who is interested can have any of these domains for the price of registration, $9.00.

Up for grabs: (expires June 2007; the transfer tacked on another 12 months!) (expires April 2006) (expires April 2006) [Taken!]

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