3 thoughts on “Dear Santa…”

  1. Oh my God! That is my neighbor’s house! Well, it is the same owner that I lived next door to growing up. Her house is on one corner and mine was on the other. I sold my house back in ’95 or ’96. She must be retiring. If it helps, they are the original owners. Well, I’m 39 and they’ve lived there since I was 5.

    But, a funny story is her son was my last babysitting job. It was Christmas time and I had on a nice purple pullover sweater with what looked like silver tinsel running through it. Idiot boy stuffed his hand down my v-neck and tried to feel up my boobs.

    Years later when we were adults, he constantly quoted bible scripture as to what a sinner I was. Little did he know, I excel in bible quotes considering I went to a private religious school. It was hillarious giving it right back to him.

    Wow, talk about weird coincidences and a walk down memory lane all at the same time.

    I’ll give you one word of advice — for what it’s worth. The way that neighborhood and those around it are now, you do not buy a house with a garage on the side sitting on a separate street from the front of your home. It will be broken into more time than you can count — even in your sleep.

  2. Love it! My grandmother’s house is like that – where the garage is in the back and away from a front or back door – no one has ever broken into it in the 50 years she’s lived there – and she lives in the hizood. Granted, now that I said that it’ll get broken into. Ha! Let’s hope not!!


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