Daily Twitter Diary

  • Okay, psnnmatiati and psnnmwskaask, you can unfollow me now and let REAL Tweeps win this silly prize. You don’t play fair, I won’t either. #
  • 198. #200 gets that Amazon gift card $20… I’m about ready to hit send as soon as I figure out who it is. 🙂 #
  • Oops. 195 followers now. You guys are going in the wrong direction! 😀 #
  • 196 followers. A $20 Amazon gift card to number 200. Operators are standing by. 🙂 #
  • If you’re a lawyer and you have a web site and you don’t have your CV up there (plus some recent successes, ethics permitting).. just sayin. #
  • Waiting for my Fettucini Nelson to arrive at my desk fresh from Josephine’s Ristorante. #
  • I wish there was an exclude filter for twitter. on my list would be #football, #baseball, #potty training, #children, #kids, #vomit, #drunk. #

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