Daily Twitter Diary

  • Kicked major butt today getting out bills and cranking out the work. Now headed to sleep with my chubby little pig in a cat suit. Ciao! #
  • Welcome @LACrimeLawyer. I suggest he follow @RickHorowitz & @LACourtReporter in Cali & @PaulBKennedy and @HouCrimLaw here in Houston. đŸ™‚ #
  • Some brilliant irony at work here! RT @FayeC trying to use the bandwidth throttling test tool but the servers are overloaded. #
  • I’m off for awhile to fix late lunch for hubby & me and got the night off tonight and tomorrow night. Be nice to each other while I’m gone. #
  • Just sent out nearly a grand in invoices I’d been sitting on. That sure felt good. (But prolly not to the recipients!) #
  • Just set up some clients and items with @CurdBee (free online billing) and getting ready to send out 4 invoices. Can you say Productivity? #
  • When @replying or DMing… context, people. Context. Okay, carry on. #
  • NICE FIND! Att’n #smallbiz owners. RT @imjustcreative CurdBee: Online billing for small businesses and freelancers. (http://curdbee.com/) #
  • How are my #Dallas buddies doing there? Heard weather was bad. (Firm’s Dallas office closed today due to ice.) #

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