Cunning Linguist?

I’ve been using a plugin called WP-Translate, which uses Google to translate a web site into one of 11 different languages (Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Portugese). You can see it at the very bottom of the page, in the footer. Just click on a flag and this entire site will be translated into your language of choice. Of course, since I speak only one other of those languages listed (Spanish), and that not very well, I have no idea what the translatero-webulator machine is doing. Maybe it’s translating everything into chicken recipes. It might be rewriting everything into Pig Latin for all I know. I just thought, gee, what a nifty plugin. Perhaps my two readers outside the United States (who are very fluent in English, and may very well speak it better than half of the people I know who live HERE) might appreciate it. Or maybe I just liked the cool flag icons that came with it. The question I need to answer (and which you, gentle readers, can help me with) is: Do I want my site to validate or do I want those cute flag icons on my web site? Just how many of you feel a need to read about my escapades in anything other than English? My myriad gratuitous cat photos need no translation. So:

Should I ditch WP-Translate to achieve the validation bliss I crave? Just how useful do you think WP-Translate really is? 1 star if you think it’s useless; 5 stars if you can’t live without it!

Update: The plugin’s developer is working on a validating version of this plugin. I’ve decided this site can do without it until that day dawns.

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  1. I can make the plugin validate. Unfortunately doing so breaks the functionality. I’m working on a new version that both validates AND works. đŸ˜‰

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