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Being the dyed in the HTML geek that I am, I have several domains, and consequently (perhaps) more than one web host. My original web host, and holder of three of my domains (, and, newly, is AffordableHOST. AH is run by a very capable Tina Peters. I ran into AH and Tina on the Usenet group alt.html.critique. I decided to give her web hosting service a try. They have all the bells and whistles and the price was pretty reasonable. AH has PHP, Perl, CGI access, everything you need to run Movable Type or Greymatter, which was my primary concern when I first signed up back in September. The only caveat with AffordableHOST is they guard the traffic on their server and any proggy hogging too much of it might get your account suspended. From their Terms of Service:

Accounts using up enough server resources, to slow or crash a server, will be shut down. Popular BBS, webcams, forums and message board programs are generally not allowed, due to the massive amount of server resources they require., FormMail.cgi (we have a formmail script available) phpBB, phpNUKE, Yabb and UBB are strictly prohibited on all user accounts. (PostNUKE is allowed.)

Some smaller web hosts frown on even MovableType and GreyMatter, which do tend to put a strain on smaller servers while they are performing their rebuilding functions. But MT and GM are welcome at AH. (Satisfy your craving for alphabet soup??!!)

I also like that their web logs are all HTML, very easy to navigate and understand. Although they are now going to some kind of C-Panel management system. But the good thing about that is that it’s optional. Not mandatory. And you pay a bit extra for this C-Panel. I’m sticking with the tried and true.

This is AffordableHOST’s Default Control Panel:
Link to AH Control Panel Screenshot

I like that your usage (bandwidth and disk space) are right there on the left, easy to spot. You don’t even have to click a link. It’s just there. I’ve had a few issues with AH, but nothing that hasn’t been solved, and solved FAIRLY quickly. One gripe turned out not even to be their fault, but the fault of my ISP, RoadRunner, who doesn’t clear its DNS cache out frequently so my new domain didn’t show up for days and days. (Well, three days to be exact!) They do have contact information posted on their web site, but they prefer to use a Help Desk/Ticket system. But the turnaround time, for even the most mundane of my little problems, has been less than 24 hours, always.

Now, my web design site and my PHP Galleries are all hosted at Global Internet, based out of Florida and run by a nice gentleman named Manny Quintiero. I ran into him while investigating another content management system called E107. E107 is the interface you see at the Global website. It’s very powerful, very elegant and very easy to install. I highly recommend it if you want a Post-Nuke type CMS with all the bells and whistles and none of the bulk.

I decided to give Global a try since I was contemplating moving my web design site from the not-so-professional space on Prodigy to its own domain. I was blown away by their PERSONAL service. I’ve chatted several times on the telephone with Manny, discussing my accounts (I now have two), other services, and an installation gone wrong, which Manny promptly fixed. Himself. At midnight. While on the phone with me. Now there’s customer service, and then there’s CUSTOMER SERVICE.

When I signed on, back in November, they had been using a web-based control panel with large, XP-like icons. It didn’t seem as “geeky” as AffordableHOST’s control panel. Since I wasn’t in the admin area of my site that often, I never had too much occasion to rifle through my server logs and since I use my own FTP program, I didn’t have a need for Global’s web-based FTP program either.

They’ve apparently got a different control panel now and it looks nice.
Link to Global Control Panel Screenshot

I still don’t know why anyone in their right mind would want raw server logs, anymore than they’d want raw chicken, but rest assured if they do, then it’s someone more geekish than me, and hopefully there are a few such souls out there.

If I had to recommend only ONE web host, I’m afraid it would have to be Global Internet. Because there, you get all the toys, the prices are very, very reasonable, and if something goes wrong, help is but a bellow away.

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