Clothes Meme The Woman….

Another meme, this one snarfed right from the pages of a napping Dave Tepper. So sue me! Here it is….

1. What’s your personal clothing style…trendy or classic? Martha Stewart-casual. Gimme the clogs, the big shirts and the leggings any day of the week.

2. Do you shop for designer names or stick with the more generic brands? Fuck the brand names. If it fits and I can afford it I buy it. The day Tommy Hilfiger wears my name on his shirt, ass or arm, that’s the day I start wearing “designer” clothes. Two exceptions: I collect Enid Collins vintage handbags. And have four Dooneys (real ones, trust me).

3. Work clothes: dressy or casual? Somewhat casual. We have no dress code to speak of at the office anymore. Casual Friday has been replaced by Casual Week. Yet, the Firm felt the need recently to issue a reminder that house shoes and sneakers are still not appropriate office attire, the “relaxed dress code” notwithstanding. Now I ask you: Do you REALLY need to be told to leave your bunny slippers at home?

4. Days off style: dressy or casual? Bordering on refugee-camp.

5. Wing-tips or work boots? Why, steel-toed workboots of course!

6. Do you have a large wardrobe, or just a few carefully selected pieces? My closet is crammed to bursting. I wear a lot of separates so I get a bit more mileage out of things that way.

7. Do you shop for clothing at stores or from catalogs/internet? Internet and e-Bay.

8. Are most of your clothes dry-clean only or machine-washable? Most of the summer stuff is washable; a majority of the winter stuff is dry clean only

9 You buy an article of clothing and realize it is all wrong for you when you get home. Return or keep it? Most likely return it or put it up on e-Bay (HOW did I ever manage my life without e-Bay?!)

10. Hats: yes or no? You’ve got to be shitting me.

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