Missing… Read It And Weep

One good thing about having a cold. You can go ahead and cry and people will just attribute your puffy eyes and blotchy face as another manifestation of that disease. I’ve been doing a lot of crying lately. As much or more as when the death happened. I know there is no time limit on grief, I still think of my mother and tears well up in my eyes, and she’s been gone 30 years. I’ve actually known Robo longer than I knew my mother, 31 years versus 22 years. So naturally his death hit me hard.

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Note To Roberto On Valentine’s Day

Dear Dink: It’s been almost nine weeks since you left abruptly. I am sure you know you left a hole in my heart the size of a cannonball. So many things have happened since you’ve been gone. Things you would have wanted to know about if you had hung around. Things like what happened during …

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