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Category: Weighty Matters

The Skinny on Self-Image

Everyone who knows me knows I’m no Audrey Hepburn, not by a long stretch. But I think I’m cute enough. Okay, so I’m fat. But I am not so fat that I get winded climbing the stairs to my office. I still have girly curves. And I haven’t had to be cut out of my […]


Man, I had the biggest crush on Val Kilmer when he played Ice Man in 1986’s summer blockbuster Top Gun. Now I’m well aware that over 30 years’ worth of water has gone under that bridge but still. Is it me or is the somewhat portly Val starting to look just a bit like Jeff […]

Fat Man Dancing

Okay, there are fat men dancing, all sexsay-like… (You go, boy!) And then there are fat men dancing who don’t have a YouTube following like Jack E. Brown. But you gotta hand it to them, they’re having fun with it. And then there’s this. {{Runs from the room to go throw up.}}

The Fat Lady Sang

I started to post a comment over at Houston Clear Thinkers, and it was so darn long-winded, I thought I better go back to my own web site and post it there! So here’s my reply to Tom’s musings about the increase in obesity in our society. The refusal (or to be less harsh) the […]


Sugarmama posted about a new law attempting to regulate obesity in this post. I started to answer with a comment, but then it started getting really long-winded (you know how I can get!). So I’ll just respond below. What Sugarmama did was offer her version of the solution to the problem. Some of her ideas […]

Some Scary Shit

Okay, after having found the link to Dimensions Magazine, and having grown tired of watching Face the Nation, I surfed on in and noticed some chat. There were several chat rooms, but they all were empty except one, called “Feeder Chat.” Now I thought this was something like server feed or news feed, or streaming […]


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