Who Does She Think She Is?

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Let’s Stay Together and Do It My Way…

After watching the inaugural dance between President Trump and First Lady Melanija, I had to compare it to the inaugural dance of Barack and Michele Obama. No comparison. The Obamas rock that dance. See for yourself. The Obamas: The Trumps:

2016: The Year According to Me

This is probably the most narcissistic thing I’ve ever done. But I kind of had fun doing it and it made me appreciate who and what is in my life!!

Her Name Is Rio…

Introducing my new ride; purchased on March 10, 2016, from Archer Kia in Sugar Land, Texas.; she’s a 2013 Kia Rio 5 (5-door hatchback).

Leighton Hamilton Playing the Blues

An old beau of mine has been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe because this is the fifth anniversary of his death at the young age of 56. Or maybe as I myself grow older, nostalgia kicks in. Anyway, he spent his last years back in his hometown of Dalton, Georgia, and Tuesday nights […]

This Old House

Lately for some reason, I’ve been trawling (Houston Areal Realtors). Not because I want to buy a new house, because I love my house and plan to be carried out of it feet first in a pine box. Possibly just curiosity and a love of older homes (like mine). Old 1930s-era bungalows and Art […]

Watermelon Man

I used to know a very talented blues musician out of Austin who played at Ski Shores there back in the mid-1990s. His name was Leighton Hamilton and he was also a blues historian and had a great collection of guitars, but his most cherished was his Style O National Steel. He passed away about […]

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