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A Shining Egg-xample

Some of my fondest childhood memories involved my favorite Uncle Herbert. He was responsible for teaching me to read even before I was in kindergarten, teaching me to draw, and making me want to do my best.

i-Fan of the i-Phone

I finally caved last week and purchased an iPhone 4 now that my cellular carrier, Verizon, started offering them back in February 2011. My friend and business partner has been in love with them pretty much since they first came out, in mid-2007. Honestly, I’ve never heard him go on about a woman the way […]

Attention, [Wal]-mart Shoppers… Cleanup on Aisle 9

You know, we don’t celebrate Christmas around here. There’s just Robert and me. We have no kids. Our friends are grown and don’t expect anything. I do give a little something to my co-workers. But I’ve never been one to stand around in a crowd, and especially at oh-dark-thirty in the morning. People the likes […]

Power Tripping and V for Vexation

When it rains (literally) it pours (figuratively). There was lightning storm that passed through here last night from around 4:30 p.m. until around 6:00 p.m. I was upstairs in my office on the computer and decided after the latest lightning bolt to unplug my systems. So I yanked both power strips from the wall and […]


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