Burek.com: Now Entering Its Second Decade!

Huge congratulations, hugs, kisses, backslaps, all go out to my friend, Ivan, founder and curator of the largest Internet forum in Serbia, Burek.com, celebrating its 11th year today. The forum grew from being just a tiny spark of imagination in early 2002 to the thriving behemoth forum (it’s the largest …

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Charles Cather on Serbia

I have friended Charles on Facebook, but just now discovered this video he made after he traveled to Serbia for the first time. He talks about his trip there and how he fell in love with the country and the people. He, like me, has Serbian friends he met online. And he was able to meet them in person thereafter, just like me (although in my case, my friend came to the U.S.). His words just make me want to go there that much more. Look out, Ivan!

Find more Charles online here and here. Pozdrav, Charles!!!

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