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Let’s Stay Together and Do It My Way…

After watching the inaugural dance between President Trump and First Lady Melanija, I had to compare it to the inaugural dance of Barack and Michele Obama. No comparison. The Obamas rock that dance. See for yourself. The Obamas: The Trumps:

We Must Not Forget…

While I try to keep postings light on this site, sometimes you have to shine a light on the ugly. Tomorrow (March 24) will mark the anniversary of the beginning of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, an onslaught that lasted 78 days. While it was explained away to the rest of the world as an […]

What’s Good for the Goose Is NOT Good For the Gander

Can someone explain to me why it’s okay for Xherdan Shaqiri to make a political statement by waving the Kosovo flag at the FC Bayern match on Saturday and yet when Milorad Cavic wears a tee shirt proclaiming that Kosovo Is Serbia, he is stripped of his gold medal? Well? I’m waiting, UEFA.

The Serbs Choose War

It’s the title of a book, now sadly out of print, but still found on the net and elsewhere, if you’re willing to spend some time to look. And you should. It’s an excellent book, written by Ruth Mitchell, sister of U.S. aviation pioneer Brigadier General William “Billy” Mitchell. It gives a first-hand, harrowing account […]

THIS Is War…

And while I won’t diminish the horror of September 11, it pales in comparison to this — and other violence that the U.S. visits upon other nations. WARNING: Graphic imagery. Parental discretion is advised. (But really, you should be showing your children what can happen when power is abused. They need that life lesson.)

Talking About NATO

Today marks a very unpleasant and shameful anniversary; the 14th anniversary of the start of the NATO bombing of the former Yugoslavia, which lasted until June 10, 1999. While Serbia and her people have risen from the ashes and moved forward, this travesty of human justice and flagrant abuse of power by both NATO and […]

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