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In case anyone wonders what this site looked like 15 years ago, in 2003.

Brain For Sale, Slightly Used, $3 Million OBO

Can you believe THIS was on my Twitter feed? (And the @jonimueller feed, no less; not the @pixelitadesigns feed, which would make SOME sense.) Atrocious grammar and all. Yeesh. “@jonimueller hello i am a graphics designer like you,but i just a beginner,can you teach me some of you’r portofolio, please follow back.” What happened to […]

Itty Bitty Shitstorm

We are all damaged somehow. My best friend uttered that statement in chat a few days ago. It broke my heart, but it also rang true. And it’s really true in the current Internet drama being played out at Itty Biz and elsewhere, involving internet marketers Naomi Dunford and Dave Navarro. A few days ago, […]

One In A Million

Yesterday, something amazing and wonderful happened to my best friend. His internet forum got its millionth registered user. Considering that this forum is in a small country (Serbia) and that it started with a free domain and web hosting back in April 2002 in his bedroom, it’s come a long way, baby. I am so […]

I Smell a Rat, Baby.

How can so many silly, sophomoric, asinine, hateful, bigoted groups and pages exist unmolested, yet Facebook can shut down someone’s account for a week for a less offensive sin? Hmm? How? How does this shit slip past their radar? It really has to make one wonder.

Antidote to Sadness… My Best Friend

I sat down with my morning cup of tea (Assam, from leaves, with honey and lemon, yumm!). And started reading the news of the day. It really got me down, nothing but sadness and grief and strife. Humans doing inhuman things to one another. So I thought of one of the few things in the […]

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