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My Beautiful Daisy Mouse…

There is a flower within my heart, // Daisy, Daisy, // Planted one day by a glancing dart, // Planted by Daisy Bell… ~~ “Daisy Bell,” Harry Dacre (1892) As most of you who know me know, I lost my sweet old orange tabby, Sunny, in January 2010, to HCM. It took me over a […]

Speaking Ill of the Dead…

With all the talk about the death of Osama Bin Laden and the misquote attributed to Martin Luther King, Jr., all I can say about OBL is that I will miss him about as much as he will miss me. And this quote is appropriate in this situation, I believe: The dumber people think you […]

Goodbye, Watermelon Man

I had a dream about an old flame a few nights ago. And that prompted me to contact him to see how he was doing. I knew he’d been very sick, and in fact the last time we spoke, he mentioned he was in hospice. This was earlier in the spring. This afternoon, I sat […]

Hell, I Got to Go!

Famous line uttered by Cledus Snow (Jerry Reed Hubbard) in the 1970s ode to truckers, Smokey and the Bandit. Jerry Reed, 71, died yesterday of complications from emphysema. Will miss you.

Purple Hayes

I had Isaac Hayes‘ album Hot Buttered Soul on wax. I played it incessantly in my room. I remember crying to the song Walk on By … I think I’d gotten my first eighth grade broken heart. That album was full of songs originally done by someone else, but made better by Hayes’ distinct interpretation. […]

Bernie, You Were a Funny Motherf*cker!

I really liked Bernie Mac. He wasn’t afraid to be a man and he wasn’t afraid to be black. My favorite line, from his sit-com, I’m gonna kill them kids. R.I.P.

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