Who Does She Think She Is?

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Some Girls…

I admit it. Sometimes we women can be pains in men’s asses. Just ask this guy … … whose only crime was go to Europe on a backpacking vacation and turn his cell phone off. Nevermind that he TOLD his girlfriend this several times before he left. She wasn’t listening. And just ask Kyle. His […]

Unusual Suspects

Is it my imagination, or does Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales resemble actor Kevin Spacey? I report; you decide.

Be(at) My Baby Tonight

You know, this post has been a long time coming. Many times, I’ve thought about posting this, after reading about some especially heinous crime perpetrated against a child by its mother’s boyfriend. Heaven knows, and sadly, there have been way more opportunities for that than I would like. And to some extent, maybe I can […]

I am the Warrior

I haven’t talked much about this to anyone until now. I have been coasting along for at least the last two years pretending I don’t have diabetes and while that was going on, I was thumbing my nose at it, thinking that if I deny it I don’t have to deal with it, it doesn’t […]

From My Email Inbox…

Caption: “Fucking a man with a small dick is like fucking a rabbit.” And you would know this because .. ?

“Time” for an English Lesson

To the perky co-anchor of Fox26 KRIV’s morning news show, for the millionth time, Friday is not Valentime’s Day. You will not be eating Valentime’s candy. Your husband/boyfriend/significant other will not be sending you flowers for Valentime’s Day. And when I mentioned this latest pet peeve to Robert, I asked him why her co-anchor, Jose […]

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